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A 3-Month Intensive with Around the Block

Every spring and fall, we provide support for the often lonely and frustrating task of writing. During each term, we communicate with you via email or snail mail (your choice) and specifically we

  • inspire with a choice of original writing prompts
  • encourage with one-on-one feedback
  • provide timely, detailed responses to your writing
  • recommend development opportunities for ongoing work
  • suggest helpful, enriching readings

Upcoming term runs February-April 2018. Fee is $375 per term.

Customized Editorial Services

  • Any time of the year, we provide critical reading and review of longer, completed works. Specifically we
  • offer broad revision strategies for your novel, short story collection, memoir or poetry collection
  • identify weaknesses in language or plot structure
  • suggest methods for creating more powerful images, characters and story lines
  • honor the development of your own distinctive voice
  • We are there to encourage you during your ongoing revision process. Fee is $50 per hour.

Please Join Us!

"I have been graced with the opportunity to go to several of the workshops provided by Around the Block over the past few years. If I did nothing else for myself, these experiences will resonate in my consciousness as the ultimate highlight of my life's journey. Tracy, Liz and Sara provide writing inspiration, fun, laughter, beauty, delicious food and camaraderie in gorgeous settings around the world. Give yourself a gift. Attend one of these nominally-priced workshops and receive the riches of a lifetime."

--Gayle M., Thousand Oaks, CA